Life is an endless struggle full of stress, challenges, bad hair days and disappointing skin… but eventually, you hope to find a salon that understands. And so we bring to you ,Home Salon Services at every doorstep in Patna. Availing salon services are recommended over self-grooming especially with non-natural products as the stylists and beauticians are trained to use select products compatible with your skin and hair type which one might not consider or conveniently ignore when on their own. Salo zone   offer s  you personalized treatment and also little tips and information on how to improve your skin and hair. The products used at Salozone  are also premium ones that you cannot generally pick up at a supermarket. These products are designed to satiate different types of skin and hair and thus offer better results due to their higher quality and specificity. The facials and spa services offered are not just a luxury but have become a necessity with time. They


Your Personal Home Salon is here.  provides best beauty experts of Patna from best of the salons of your choice , at a lower price and all of this AT YOUR DOORSTEP. With growing culture and growing fashion in Patna , the facilities available don’t comply the needs of people of Patna. We have witnessed establishment of new colleges like NIFT and CNLU having students from all over the country and to be frank they are familiar to very much modern and trained beauty experts and stylists than those available in Patna. And moreover salons here,apart from one or two, are not up to the mark and doesn’t provide even the basic facilities asked by the customers. To find out more about this we asked random students about this issue and they told us about their problem regarding this. “I am from Delhi and salon services there are very friendly as compared to here in Patna.” said Sakshi. “There are a few good salons here but the problem is , there are very few of them and th